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Courage Medicine is dedicated to the principles of harm reduction, where the dignity and value of human life is prized above preconceived notions of "recovery" or "progress". We seek to partner with any patient who wants to improve their health. We value the direction and autonomy of the patient in their own care.

To better meet our community's needs, we offer low-barrier, walk-in services, with rapid intake and same day induction.


Courage strives to further address health inequities in Philadelphia, providing access across neighborhoods with limited access, such as southwest. 

Medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD)

Courage Medicine provides medications for opioid use disorder, and seeks to meet our patients where they are. Abstinence not required. In addition to suboxone, we are also able to administer injectable forms of MOUD, such as Sublocade and Brixadi. 


Behavioral health services

All patients with opioid use disorder can meet with a therapist, absolutely free of charge. Our team also provides care management services to help you navigate difficult situations and get back to focusing on your goals. 


Community partners

Being in community is vital to our ability to serve our patients. We can provide linkage and referrals to many agencies, organizations, and medical specialists in the Philadelphia area. We seek to coordinate with our partners to provide wraparound care.


No insurance, but seeking help? We can link you to how to get insurance and receive the care you need.

Our anti-body-brokering pledge: We receive no funds for referring to any specific agency, service, or company. 


Care where you're at

It doesn't matter where you are in your journey; we believe access to care systems is a human right. This is true whether someone is in active use, not seeking to make changes, or is in recovery. You deserve care, respect, and dignity. This is our mission.


7198 Castor Ave #200

3751 Island Ave # 201

3045 Kensington Ave

Philadelphia, PA





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