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Sexual Health

Courage Medicine was created to provide access and services to Philadelphia neighborhoods with less healthcare access, e.g. Southwest Philadelphia.  

STI Testing and Treatment

We offer a range of STI testing and treatment on a walk-in basis, judgment and stigma-free. We are able to provide rapid HIV tests for your peace of mind. Rapid STI testing is available for patients without insurance.

Trans Care

Our practice is staffed by members of the LGBTQ+ community who are passionate about providing HRT, primary care, psych care, therapy, and external referrals for trans* patients. Please call to schedule.

HIV and Hep C

Our experienced medical providers routinely oversee treatment for patients living with HIV and Hepatitis C. We are able to do necessary labwork and order all medications needed for and treatment and management.

Sex Workers' Health

Courage Medicine stands in support of sex workers, and knows that sex work is real work. We are able to provide all sexual health services to people engaging in sex work, without any stigma or shame. 


We are one of our region's largest prescribers of PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, a medication that can prevent HIV infection if you're exposed. We believe in low-barrier and widespread access to this lifesaving medical treatment.

Pregnant and Parenting

Our care does not cease or change if a patient is pregnant or parenting. We want to provide the care you need, whether that is prenatal support, considering your options, or making adjustments to your care plan. We also provide referrals to external agencies to help meet all your needs. 


7198 Castor Ave #200

3751 Island Ave # 201

3045 Kensington Ave

Philadelphia, PA





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