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Opioid addiction, harm reduction & recovery

Sexual Health, PrEP, STI testing & treatment, HIV & HepC treatment

Mental Health, care management & support services

LGBTQ+ affirming, anti-oppressive care

Pregnant individuals



Courage Medicine is a nonprofit that strives to provide compassionate and comprehensive health services in the Greater Philadelphia Region.

We focus on our patients first.


We serve many different kinds of people, but we specialize in working with those who may feel unsafe or ignored or judged.

Our main offices are located in Southwest and Northeast Philadelphia. We have a mobile treatment vehicle we bring around the city to be able to reach more people.

Even if you are not ready for change, we want to see you.


We can provide all your basic health needs. We treat infections and skin wounds. We take care of pregnant people, families with young children. We can link you to local services who can help with your various needs.

Low-barrier, walk-in, outpatient care


Northeast Philadelphia

7198 Castor Avenue

Suite 200

Philadelphia, PA 19149

*Come in from 

10AM-4PM Monday-Friday*

*until 8PM on Wednesdays*

Southwest Philadelphia

3751 Island Ave

Suite 201

Philadelphia, PA 19153

*Come in Monday-Friday 10AM-4PM*

Directions via bus or car here



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